• An 8-hour day includes delivery of all files following shoot. I understand the importance of capturing your brand's look and feel. $1,100 per session.
  • I love capturing those unique moments in your organization's history and will do so for $200 per hour. 


  • No frills or gimmicks here. I'll give you my best effort along with all full-res files from our one-hour shoot for $225. I'll bump it up to two hours for $350.

Professional Head Shots

  • Head shots are my bread and butter; $100 for an hour session includes delivery of all full-res files following shoot. 

Social Media Consulting*

  • $100 per hour


  • Professional experience, professional equipment. $100 per hour.

Web Development*

  • $50 per hour

*My schedule gets booked as early as 2-3 months in advance. Contact me early to determine availability. I am always happy to connect you with other photographers, social media strategists, videographers, and front-end web developers when I cannot help you.