Quitting a million-dollar day job

There's a very highly paid professional who recently quit his $7.4 million-per-year day job. What's more, he quit his job to take up farming. Meet former NFL Center Jason Brown. Here's Jason's inspiring story of why he chose to make this major career change:

How did he learn his new skills?

You'll notice in the video that Jason said he has used YouTube as a resource of learning his news skills. Videos like this helped him build his basic knowledge in the area of farming: 

When I think about a life of greatness, I think about a life of service.
— Jason Brown

In addition to his elective online learning, Jason looks like he's done a lot of learn-by-doing by making investment in equipment, land, and delivering his first harvest of 100,000 pounds of sweet potatoes. Jason also said he received advice from other farmers in his surrounding community. 

Based on my observations from the video, it looks like Jason is well on his way to becoming highly skilled in his new career.