Video games and learning

I stumbled across this video of David Lee unboxing Minecraft in the Classroom: Ideas, inspiration, and student projects for teachers. David mentioned that the book helps teach subjects including math, science, languages, and other subjects using Minecraft as a focal point. I've been aware that instructional technologist have used Minecraft in after-school makerspaces with great success for some time. PhD candidate Ty Hollett with Vanderbilt University has invested much of his research focus in this field and has seen a lot of success with his work. The introduction of this book by Pearson Education indicates that there may be expanding opportunities for students to participate in Minecraft learning opportunities within the course of a regular school day in a classroom setting.

The unboxing

Here's a look at the book. Thanks for the video, David.

Photo credit: "Minecraft Castle" by Mike Cooke is licensed under CC BY 2.0.