I've been following reports from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. Two wearable pieces of technology caught my attention.

Sensoria Fitness

Runners can improve their efficiency by running with the right cadence and by attempting to land mid- to fore-foot. It often takes a surprising amount of concentration, time, and coaching to develop good running form. Sensoria Fitness seeks to aid runners in improving their form through the wearable smart socks that have built in sensors which send feedback on your running to an app that runners can download to their smart phones. Sensoria also builds heart-rate monitors to provide an even clearer picture for runners who want to monitor and potentially improve their activity.

Here's a look at Sensoria Fitness' technology in action


What happens if someone needs information about you but you are unable to share it? It's good practice for runners, cyclists, and other outdoor enthusiasts to have a form of ID on their persons in the event that they are found in need of help and unresponsive. IDs often include the person's name, allergies, and emergency contact information. EPIC-id has released a wristband that includes basic identifying information on the band. As you can see in the video below, the band opens exposing a USB port respondents can use to access additional information about the person. 

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