UHD: 4K & 5K

Higher and higher resolution delivery of video is an on going trend. 1920x1080 HD video is a baseline standard for design. Most modern computer monitors have full HD capabilities; higher end monitors have 2K capabilities, and Apple's iMac has a 5K display. 


Curved screens

  Samsung Curved LED TV. Photo by Nan Palmero.

Samsung Curved LED TV. Photo by Nan Palmero.

Curved screens are starting to show up in retailers. The curved surface widens the viewer's field of view and enhances the viewing experience. Instructional designers don't need to make adjustments for this type of screen. 



Capturing devices

Full HD 1080p DSLRs have been the go-to cameras of choice for many instructional designers since the late 2000s. Until recently, 1080p was the highest resolution these cameras would film in. Many (relatively) affordable cameras have been released that now shoot in 4K including the

Many 6K cameras pricing begins at $10,000 and goes well upward of $10K.


So what's the difference between these resolutions? This image below, courtesy of Reddit, helps communicate the differences in scale.