My vision

Become a happyhealthy, debt-free individual who is living a meaningful life with those I love by adhering to my values.

My mission

Proactively living a happyhealthy, and meaningful life with those I love.

My values

Striving to live my values is my definition of success. I strive to live the following values that help me realize my mission today and my vision for the future:

  1. Work ethic. I value those who work hard; I take pride in working hard as I participate in good, meaningful work.

  2. Education. I believe that the pursuit of knowledge contributes to living a meaningful life.

  3. Thankfulness. I believe that who I am is a product of many people’s investment of time, energy, love, and resources.

  4. Presence. I believe being present improves happiness and meaning.

  5. Organization. I believe keeping myself organized helps me be effective, reduces stress, and helps me be happy.

  6. Relationships. I value happy, healthy, and loving relationships with my spouse, child, family, and friends.

  7. Creativity. I value the ability to perceive beauty in art and nature, and creative people who produce beauty inspire me.

  8. Health. I value good physical and mental health. The pursuit of good physical and mental health allows me to connect with nature.

  9. Grit. I value practicing self-discipline wedded to a dedicated pursuit of a goal.