My vision

Become a happyhealthy, debt-free individual who is living a meaningful life with those I love by adhering to my values.

My mission

Proactively living a happyhealthy, and meaningful life with those I love.

My values

Striving to live my values is my definition of success. I strive to live the following values that help me realize my mission today and my vision for the future:

  1. Work ethic.  I value those who work hard; I take pride in working hard as I participate in good, meaningful work.
  2. Education.  I believe that the pursuit of knowledge contributes to living a meaningful life. 
  3. Thankfulness.   I believe that who I am is a product of many people’s investment of time, energy, love, and resources. 
  4. Presence.  I believe being present improves happiness and meaning.
  5. Organization.  I believe keeping myself organized helps me be effective, reduces stress, and helps me be happy.
  6. Relationships.  I value happy, healthy, and loving relationships with my spouse, child, family, and friends.
  7. Creativity.  I value the ability to perceive beauty in art and nature, and creative people who produce beauty inspire me. 
  8. Health.  I value good physical and mental health. The pursuit of good physical and mental health allows me to connect with nature. 
  9. Grit.  We all face challenges, and approaching these challenges with grit gives us the best chance succeed.