I recently updated my profile photo. I heard from a LinkedIn expert that she liked my previous photo better. Can I get your feedback on which profile I should keep?

My goal is for my photo to align with my professional headline and summary. 


Social Media | PhD student in Instructional Technology | Public Relations | Video Professional


◆ Driven, creative innovator; skilled in continuous improvement and implementing vision
◆ Extensive experience in sales, public relations, and marketing
◆ Expert in multi-media productions, social media, marketing, and external corporate branding
◆ Energetic idea leader; constantly developing new methods to improve processes
◆ Solid work-ethic; financed education with employment, scholarships, and personal savings
◆ Strong entrepreneurial mind, founding successful small business
◆ Broad international experience: served & studied for 2.5 years in 18 countries, 4 continents
◆ Writer and thinker covering social media, instructional design, triathlon, and video

Given this information, will you please vote below for the photo you feel best aligns with my headline and summary? Thank you!

Which photo helps me reach my goal?

Photo credit: "LinkedIn Chocolates" by nan palmero is licensed under CC BY 2.0.