I stumbled across this nicely-done video in my Facebook feed highlighting a new Associate of Applied Science in Social Media Marketing degree the LDS Business College is offering. Featured in the video is a talented college friend Ryan Baylis who produces some outstanding videos for Goal Zero

The video got me curious in what other schools have begun offering programs in social media. Before seeing this video and doing a little research, I was aware of USC providing a master's degree in social media and of Harvard University running a two-day spendy crash course on the subject through their department of continuing education.

After running a few search queries, I found that several universities are now offering degrees in social media management including:

There were dozens more online universities that showed up in search results. I looks like there's an academic trend for universities to begin offering content in this area with largely new, less-established institutions acting as early adopters. My prediction is that within the next half decade, curricula in social media will be ubiquitous throughout most major U.S. universities.