January, 2011 – baseline

I published this piece on The Hungry Hive in January, 2011. At the time most Utah ski resorts were testing the waters of social media with a few showing some established initial followers. Snowbird was named the 2011 top Utah ski resort on social media in the rankings. A new ski resort has taken Snowbird's place in the 2015 rankings.

Lots has changed in four years!

Nordic Valley and Cherry Peak didn't exist in January, 2011. Neither did Google Plus. Instagram was just two months old at the time of the 2011 report. Given all the changes, I made adjustments to the ranking methodology to better measure each ski resort's ability to connect with its community. I've included a methodology section toward the bottom of this post for those interested. Now, without further ado, here are the rankings: 

2015 Utah Ski Resort Social Media Rankings (and social media directory)

#1 – Park City Mountain Resort


#2 – Snowbird 


#3 – Canyons Resort


#4 – Deer Valley Resort

***Most Improved***


#5 – Alta


#5 – Solitude Resort


#7 – Brighton Resort


#7 – Snowbasin


#9 – Sundance Mountain Resort


#10 – Powder Mountain


#11 – Brian Head Resort


#12 – Eagle Point


#13 – Nordic Valley

***Up and coming Award***


#14 – Beaver Mountain

***biggest drop from 2011***


#15 – Cherry Peak



I had to use different methods to rank the resorts in 2015 than I used four years ago. Four years ago, I simply added up total Facebook likes and Twitter followers for each ski resort, ranked them on those two data points, and produced overall rankings. To summarize the 2015 rankings, I looked at every social media outlet Utah's 16 ski resorts are on. I collected a single metric for each ski resort for each social media outlet that does the best job representing how large that organization's reach is on said outlet; I then ranked each ski resort on each social media network; finally, I summed all rankings for each ski resort across all social networks to compare each ski resorts' aggregate ranking with each other. The result is the 2015 rankings.