What's trending on Google searches? 

Did you know you can see what the most popular search topics are at any given moment? Google Trends allows you to see all sorts of information on what's trending by country, on YouTube, and on smaller topics like popular vegetarian foods, global interest in Game of Thrones, etc. It's a really interesting site and a great way to stay up-to-date on what's buzzing. 

Social media implications of Google Trends

So why should anyone care what's trending? Why would a social media manager want to have access to this data? To start, trending content is:

  1. a sign of what people currently care about
  2. high-quality. Not always, but often there's something about it that drives people to want to discuss it, engage with it, and share it.
  3. helpful in identifying nuanced differences in the way people are searching for and subsequently speaking about content. Google Trends' visitors can figure out if people are searching more often for "kale" or "quinoa," see how interest in said subject has changed over time, and adjust their dialogue to better meet the current interests of their audience.

So what were the biggest 2014 search terms?

Google Trends put together this awesome video that summarized some of the biggest trends in 2014. The production is fantastic and inspiring. 

The most popular searches in 2014

According to Google Trends, here are the most popular U.S.-based searches in 2014.