Cache Valley, the current place I call home in Northern Utah, has an outstanding group of video professionals. It's hard be believe there's this much talent in a small valley with a population of 138,000 residents. I'm inspired by their creativity and technical abilities. I constantly find myself impressed and motivated by their work. They each have their own style and sense of humor. Here's a non-comprehensive list of a sampling of the local talent that has influenced me in alphabetical order and a look at some of their work (There are many others I undoubtedly left off this list. Let me know who I missed):

Ron Adair

Sam and Jennika Anderson

Taylor Ballam

Larry Bucio

Logan McKay Butler

Ryan Christensen

Andrew Diamond

Chris Dunker

Chris Garff

Brent Harding

Jeremy Jensen

Mason Johnson

Christopher T. Larsen

Ty Mortensen

Greg Rakozy

Tyler Searle

Ronda Thompson and LaRee Waldron

Weston Woodbury

Those who have moved away from Cache Valley

In addition to those who still live in the valley listed above, here are a few who have since moved on who are doing some great work:

Casey Allred

Ryan Baylis

Travis Chambers

Dave Connell

Russ Dixon

Clay Olsen

Gavin Pouquette

Braden Thompson

Steven von Niederhausern

Thanks for the inspiration!