I came across a highly-motivational audio track produced by Nike for an Olympics commercial that was produced and aired recently. I decided to do a video motivational mashup with some of the best footage I could find of the local football team for this video. This project is no where near perfect -- I cut it last night for some fun stress-release before bed. :) I wanted to share to show that it's okay to not demand perfection in all our work as video professionals. Sometimes it's nice to take a bit of time to try new concepts, try editing content we're not used to editing, and find that flow-like state that leads us to learn and grow.

Footage from channels including treesap32, Utah State University, Cache Chamber, and Utah State Football

I posted this video above to a USU football fan forum and a contributor shared this excellent video. Although some of the statements are a bit cliche, the overall message has a broad application and nice delivery. There's something about the combination of music, video, and well-written prose.