Soundtracks, music, and video production

Music is so crucial to setting the tone and mood of a video. I have spent hours looking for the right track for various video projects I've worked on because of this importance. In the last year, I've channeled nearly all my soundtrack purchases to the website Music Bed. The site's search categories, sort options, and quality of selection all work together in helping filmmakers find some outstanding soundtracks. One of my favorite artists on Music Bed is Tony Anderson whose music you can listen to, here. His music has depth, professional-level production quality, and is memorable. If you listen to just a few songs, I think you'll realize why he's one of my favorites and why he's a top artist on Music Bed.


I stumbled across this video which highlights a unique friendship Tony has developed with an unlikely friend. It's a cool look at the artist behind some great music, and it's also an outstanding and visually rich video production. Enjoy.