People are creative. Really creative. It seems that about once per month I see a video on Vimeo or YouTube that inspires me to be a bit more creative. Ryan Fox recently produced one of those videos.

Ryan had the brilliant idea of taking a roll of duct tape and affixing a GoPro to one of his vehicle tires. What you see below is three minutes of mesmerizing footage of Ryan's car rolling through the streets of Milwaukee at night at about 45 miles per hour. Watch.  

Here are a few other unique angles I've seen captured in video. First, a dog named chicken and a stick without a name. 

And then there's this outstanding footage of a pelican learning to fly.

Finally, if you've ever wondered what a dishwasher's wash cycle looks like and you're willing to watch a video on what it looks like, you can count yourself among the 5.7 million people who have viewed this video:

Considering the relatively cheap price of these high-quality water proof cameras, we'll only be seeing more creative uses for them in the future.