A community approach to producing a viral video

This treadmill video, released on January 5, has done fantastically well in less than two weeks seeing more than 2.5 million views and averaging a high of 8,500 views per hour. 

The video's description links viewers to NordicTrack's website where visitors can get 15% or more off treadmills. 

One in the Chamber did a fantastic job putting this production together. The whole production, as you can see, does a great job highlighting high-quality treadmills, shows all types of people having fun, is catchy, high-quality, and fast-moving. This video was very well thought out out and pulled in a a whole community to produce including:

One in the Chamber smartly contacted a ton of YouTubers and Viners who have built their own unique audiences to participate in the film, all of whom promoted the film when it was released. 

Providing credit and the story behind the story

One of my favorite elements of this spot is the fact that NordicTrack did such a detailed job sharing information about the video for those who are interested in learning more about the treadmills and the process of producing the spot. Categories include "Burn Calories 5x Faster with Incline," "Touchscreen and iFit® Technology," "About the video," and "Credits." providing a lot of information for the video consumer opens up the video to a broader audience who will find different elements of the video interesting.